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Purchasing a home is one of the most important decisions you’ll make, and the right advice and guidance is critical. Experience and expertise matter, and they can make a big difference in making sure that you not only find the ideal house, but that you also pay the best price for it.

At Team Czarnecki Real Estate, we not only have a thorough understanding of the market, we also have access to properties that are off-market and an insight of properties that are coming to market. Most importantly, we are mindful of value in terms of construction, quality, materials, craftsmanship and aspects of a healthy home. We will listen to your needs and disscus your wants in a perfect home while makeing sure that you make an educated and informed decision. 

Please reach out to set up a meeting,

Ted Czarnecki and Crystal Radocaj

Thinking about a custom build?

Once you've been pre-qualified and know what price range you want to stay in, we can help you determine which of our 3 custom home builders best suits your budget, needs and wants. Book a meeting with us to learn more about the building process!

Real Estate Done The Right Way

Whether purchasing a resale home or choosing to custom build, at Team Czarnecki Real Estate our top priority is to make sure that your buying/building experience is pleasant, cost-efficient, and successful.